Palin is not Hillary Clinton as Bush is not Obama.

Let's start with one of these analogies that American language testers love so much: Palin is not Hillary as Bush is not Obama. While the first part of the sentence seems that is going to shock some people, I expect a general agreement with the second one....How is it possible that only because both politician are woman some analyst are saying that Hillary supporters might now vote for the conservative Palin? How is it possible that only because she is a woman people are labeling her as feminist? We have here a problem of definitions, let a part a different way of understanding politics. Let's stop for a moment.

From reading her profile in the wikipedia:
  • Palin has strongly promoted oil resource development in Alaska, including opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling
  • Palin is pro-life [here meaning she is anti choice]
  • Palin is homophobe
  • And she is a life member of the American Rifle Association
  • To just pick some of her qualities...
And now let's see Clinton's profile:

  • The League of Conservation Voters has given her a lifetime 90 percent pro-environment action rating through 2006
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America consistently gave her a 100 percent pro-choice rating from 2002 to 2007.
  • And Hillary said: I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that people like you and Portia and others have a chance to have, you know, rights to be able to go to the hospital, to inherit property, to make sure that you can list somebody as a beneficiary on an insurance policy," Clinton said in an interview to air Monday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
  • The National Rifle Association gave her an 'F' (failing) rating in 2006 for her stance on Second Amendment issues.
mhmm... not the same, aren't they? And excuse me for being anal with the use of words...but calling Palin a feminist?!!!! Feminism "is a discourse that involves various movements, theories, and philosophies which are concerned with the issue of gender difference, advocate equality for women, and campaign for women's rights and interest".

Is Palin advocating for women's rights?
Read this... I am so pissed of...

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